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Our clients’ transformation challenges...

Our objective at Empirical is to empower our clients on their digital journey by applying our in-depth market knowledge and portfolio of IT services.

... supported by our business divisions.

We are continually developing leading edge solutions and business-critical IT services to technologies.

Sustainability. The core of our business strategy.

Empirical has enhanced digital technology capabilities jointly developed with global partnerships with the innovations for a sustainable growth.

Our Long Term Projects

Nigeria's largest electronic asset management company and clean-tech pioneer, Empirical actively promotes eco-friendly reuse and recycling of electronics. As Nigeria's only end-to-end e-Waste recycler and metal extraction company, we aim to turn today’s waste into sustainable resources for tomorrow. Email for more information.
ICT For Rural Kids is a project will eleminate the high rate of school-drop out, child labour and youth violence in rural African communities by providing expanded learning opportunities to school-age children living in poverty and disadvantage.
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Creating business benefits through intelligently managed ICT. [More]

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Cloud Services as a business strategy for core processes. [More]

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Delivering seamless business systems for operational excellence. [More]

Big Data and Cybersecurity:

Combining Big Data and Security as a business differentiator. [More]

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